I Touch Beauty Daily

I Touch Beauty Daily

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Eye Candy

Oh, this heart, this heart
Seeking affections in high places
Finding rejections in low places

This heart, this heart
Being broken constantly
Being mended infrequently
This heart, this heart
No longer desiring to be loved
Love pangs and love aches
Left serrated marks all over
This tender pulsating organ
A new mission I have found
Out of desperation to save
From things I want that hurt
From things I desire that bleed
A new mission I have found
To seek out the truly handsome
Truly dark and truly tall
Eye candy for a woman’s ego
Dressed up and dressed to kill
Not to love or be loved tenderly
To decorate the arm selfishly
Not with involvement of my heart
Eye candy for this woman’s ego
Can only last a short while
Before boredom settles intrusively
Demanding a real, real love
For now, the eye candy will do
Until true lasting love finds
My heart a weary soldier
Dreading the possible approach
Of love’s desirous loving war
An assault on my forlorn heart
For now, the eye candy will do
Until true lasting love finds me

©2011FrancesOhanenye, all rights reserved.

--My dream has loved paper so much for so long because it gave influence to the parched voice of a fashionista poet. Finding this outlet, that voice is now replete with expressive sound.

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