I Touch Beauty Daily

I Touch Beauty Daily

Friday, November 23, 2012

See Through

Glasses said to see through them
Windex clean and causing head bangs
I spied what nature hid from me
Months of feelings of abandonment
When fall comes, leaves fall
Exposing see-through forests
When fall comes, trees undress
At the slightest, gentlest breath from air
Prance about in mild winds turning cold
When fall comes, shrubs and bushes cry
Exposure lays bare all guarded secrets

Newly arrived in this boisterous vicinity
Unaware of concealed activities
Famous cars zip up and down the hood
From unknown origins, sweeping streets
They had unwarranted, unfair advantage
My house of a corner lot laid me bare
Nothing to hide, no seasonal mystery
No running around of hide and seek

I spied what nature hid from me
Via see-through prescription glasses
By means of see-through windows
By way of see-through forests
I spied what nature hid from me

--My dream has loved paper so much for so long because it gave influence to the parched voice of a fashionista poet. Finding this outlet, that voice is now replete with expressive sound.

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