I Touch Beauty Daily

I Touch Beauty Daily

Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Am from (Remix)

I am from winding roads worn by feet

Green arms slapping me for getting too close
I am from fire chewing into coldness
Paved asphalt broken by potholes
I am from colorful attires, high head scarves

I am from fresh baked dome bread
Signature recipe, marrying yeast and wheat
I am from fireside stories handed down
Carefully protected in colorful wrappers
I am from ringing cash registers singing
Filling wisdom and bank accounts
I am from snap crackle sharpness of respect
Daring the young to be saucy or sassy

I am from fruits thudding at dawn, maturing
Freed from nature’s arms to independence
I am from blazing fires shielding me
From harmattan’s mouth-filled coldness
Heat lotions my skin with calmness
Cuddled in a warm parental embrace

I am from inside protective cocoa pods
Sweet, fresh, mushy exports to the needy
Attesting to sun’s tireless hard work
I am from sugary pastries salivating my songs
I am from the land of kings connected
Man’s oldest civilization fully grown
Reincarnated, growing anew as a child

I am from where the sun likes to hang around
Creating thirty-three hues of humanity
I am from lineage staying connected, tracing
Generations to hundreds without technology
Alas, new age broke the chains that bound

--My dream has loved paper so much for so long because it gave influence to the parched voice of a fashionista poet. Finding this outlet, that voice is now replete with expressive sound.

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